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Introducing Finley Dawson

Published on 11th January 2016

So very exciting news to start 2016 with! Our beautiful baby boy was born on Christmas Day! Although I was due on the 29th it was a shock to find myself in the early stages of labour Christmas morning. Unfortunately there was no time for Christmas dinner or presents as I spent the day in active labour and he was born at 7.03pm at an impressive 9lb 6oz. I was lucky enough to have the natural birthing experience I had hoped for and my husband Chris was beyond amazing. He didn’t leave my side and held my hand the whole way through encouraging me and keeping me focused on bringing our son safely into the world. I know the women put the physical work into labour but without his strength and support I would of found the whole thing over whelming, Chris really is my hero and I was so proud to hand him his first born son; such a magical moment I will never forget.

The last two weeks have flown by already but I did want to share this image of Finley and I (taken by daddy) and show off his impressive hair do; yes its naturally like that!

Many thanks for all the well wishes, for now my camera will be capturing him grow until I am back shooting in a few months time. Jodie x

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