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The meaning behind JD

Published on 10th June 2014

A lot of people ask ‘why are you called JD Photography?’ so I thought I would write a little blog about the meaning of JD.

My Dad, David has been a photographer since his teenage years, leaving school early and working his way into the business world. He first got a job working as a messenger for a photographic company in central London, then started working as a photographic printer for photographer Les Bryce who photographed the Beatles while they were touring. My Dad then became Les’ second shooter and learnt a lot from Les who is now a close family friend (see photograph below). Eventually in 1976 David set out on his own and started his own photography business opening a studio offering a range of photography.

Watching an old family video of my 5th Birthday, my Dad is taking photographs of my cousin and I with our cakes blowing out the candles. I then say something to my Mum and you hear her repeat it to my Dad. She tells him I would like a photograph taken of me cutting the cake like he does at the weddings he photographs (see photo below). Even at this early age I was watching my Dad and looking at his work; admiring his love and passion for it. This developed more and more and by my early teens I used to shoot roll after roll of film and process them on the hour as I couldn’t wait to see them. They were only images of my friends and I but I just loved capturing people and expressions. I then studied photography at college and spend hours in the dark room processing my work and developing.

After travelling the world with Chris (now my husband) in 2006 I came back and knew photography was definitely the thing I wanted to do daily and I had to be photographing people. My Dad by this point was photographing lots of school portraits across the South West and I can’t actually remember how we came up with opening a studio, but we did! The plan then was to find a shop and create a photography company together.

Creating a name was something that had to mean something, we thought about naming it something non name related to us but we wanted something personal. Eventually we knew my Dad would retire and it would one day just be me, so the name had to work for both. So we came up with JD Photography; J for Jodie and D for David; or Dad in my case.

Many of you will know that my Dad retired a while ago, so the other meaning came into play. My full name is Jodanna Lauren, not something many people know. An usual name but beautiful and unique. I was called Jodie for the first time when I was a few days old by Les’ wife; Ruth. She called and asked my Mum ‘how is little Jodie?’ and somehow it stuck!

So JD Photography now stands for the J and D of Jodanna. . . and as they say the rest is history!

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