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Becky and Oliver – Wedding Preview

Published on 28th December 2017

So the last wedding of the year and what a special day it was! I met Becky and Ollie at a wedding fair and they told me all about their romantic engagement in New York at Christmas; so I told them they just HAD to have a Christmas wedding! So when I got an email a month or so later and we met for coffee I was so excited to hear about their winter wedding on the 22nd December at St Mary’s Church in Saltford and the reception at the beautiful Walled Gardens at Orchardleigh Estate. I spent the morning with the girls and then headed to the church where Ollie was quite nervously awaiting his bride. I was so excited to see Becky walk to the church as she worn a stunning winter navy full length cloak (my idea of an actual winter princess), Ollie was blown away as well and his emotions got the better of him as she met him at the Alter. The service was so lovely; the best part for me was when everyone wrote down a note of well wishes or pray for the newly weds and the vicar selected a few at random. “Remember marriage is for life, not just for Christmas” was the best one and very on point as you will see why shortly!

Once outside we threw loads of confetti and the couple climbed in to Ollie’s pride and joy his Mini and they lead the way to Orchardleigh. Once we arrived I took some group shots and had a walk around the grounds with Becky and Ollie, as the weather was not on our side this was kept short and we hoped for dyer night time images later. After the brilliant speeches and teas and coffees there was a surprise in store for Becky from her new husband, there was a little delay and to keep everyone entertained a sing song of ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ broke out which was wonderful! Finally however the present arrived… I have always wondered somewhere this must happen to a bride but finally it happened; Becky was given a puppy! Yes not just a promise of a puppy but an actual real live tiny super cute puppy! Yes I know I have lost you and your itching to scroll down and take a look; how amazing was that! Becky was blown away and completely shocked!

Once little Poppy was taken away we went out into the darkness to capture some Christmas photos and then back in for the first dance and party! A huge thank you to Becky and Ollie for letting me sharing this day with them and for letting me be a part of it! I plan to deliver the rest of the images in person… in exchange for Poppy cuddles!!

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