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Claire and Mark – Wedding Preview

Published on 25th August 2017

I know Claire and Mark through friends and was so excited for their big day; finally my first trip to the beautiful Quantock Lakes! I arrived to the stunning new Granary where everyone was getting ready. Claire and her maids all had a lovely relaxed morning, both Claire and her Mum Sandra fighting off tears… anything can set these two off! When Claire came downstairs in her stunning gown with bead details and full length veil her Dad Maurice didn’t do much better; but there isn’t anything I love to photograph more than that deep love which creates tears you just can’t fight. Over in the barn Mark was awaiting his bride, his daughter Isla made him cry (I promise they didn’t cry all day!) as she walked down the aisle then finally the beautiful beaming bride. After the ceremony everyone headed outside for garden games, canapes and to soak up the sunshine and picturesque views. I took a walk with Claire, Mark, Harry and Isla to the big tree and swing where the kids loved pushing them until Claire’s feet nearly went over her head! I spent time capturing just the newly-weds, I always say that time is so important as its the only chance you get on your big day as everyone wants a piece of you, and rightly so. But it’s nice to step back and take some time, these two did just that. There was no real need for talk, just hugging and kissing; I swear I could actually physically feel the love and it was a pure joy to capture it.

Heading back to the barn everyone was tucking into the yummy afternoon tea and after the speeches took place… I think we may have got away with no tears, a few wobbles but the saying ‘hard as a rock’ kept anyone from crying. Soon the evening was upon us and along with the first dance there was some great line dancing from the hen ladies to everyone’s surprise. A brilliant day filled with laughter, yes tears, but just so much happiness. A massive congrats to Mr and Mrs Tiernan.

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