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Being on the panel

Published on 10th October 2019

A few months ago I was invited to be on the panel of the amazing Best You events run by the talented Sasha Pallari Makeup Artist. I have photographed a few of her events in the past and absolutely love what they stand for; this time it was a special Bridal Best You held at the Mews Bridal store in Clifton. Being asked to speak about photography and anything else wedding related to a room of Brides was so exciting! I love sharing advice, tips and ideas about a wedding day, so Sasha gave me the chance to share some of my best advice with some very lucky brides to be. What I was even more excited about is that I know how open and honest these evenings are; when the floor is open for questions, it gets real. Sasha share her feelings, thoughts and will be completely honest which is very much like me, so I knew it was going to be relaxed and informal but most of all fun!

I won’t lie I was nervous, as much as I love talking weddings, in front of lots of ladies did freak me out a little! However once we got going I absolutely loved it! I got asked some great questions about group photos, locations of photos, what to look for in a good photographer. Even questions about dresses and wedding mornings I was able to help with along side Lauren from the Mews Bridal and Kelly from The Barn. It was an incredible evening and I was so proud to be apart of Sasha’s way of improving women’s confidence and helping us all love who we are for what we are.

Her message for Best You events is wonderful, I try and have confidence in the way I look however I am just like most women; picking faults and calling myself ugly and fat. I posted a while ago on my social media about why I don’t share images of myself and thats down to low self esteem. After having two children I hardly recognise my body. So the idea of sharing my face with the world of social media is taunting. However after a Best You event I truly feel lifted and inspired to learn to love who I am. If you are getting married, or just need to have a confidence boost, how about joining a group of women for her next event? Honestly, you will feel great after. Sasha starts the evening with a tutorial on makeup then she introduces a guest speaker (these are amazing) then the floor is open to questions. Oh and did I mention the amazing goodie bags? I mean amazing! Not just full of leaflets or mini products, but real amazing products you will use.

Sasha’s next event on the 7th November and promises to be amazing, tickets are on sale now so be sure to follower her on social media! See you there!






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