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Amy and Chris – Wedding Preview

Published on 25th October 2017

So when my cousin Amy got engaged it was always going to be that question; would I be a guest or would I be the photographer? So we agreed guest, however a month or so later Amy’s dad Nik came knocking on my door explaining Amy just couldn’t find anyone she liked; after photographing 4 of her friends weddings I guess she had always imagined it would be me. So my first family wedding; I am not going to lie I was nervous leading up to the day and was glad when it arrived! I gave Amy lots of advice for the perfect day but my biggest was time keeping in the morning; you can never be ready early enough and with 7 bridesmaids wearing the TwoBird dresses (I have a love hate relationship with them!) I was worried time would fly by and the wedding dash would put pressure on us all. However, she didn’t let me down and the bridesmaids and Amy were ready a good 40 minutes before the ceremony… yes we high-fived to celebrate!

When her Dad Nik came in to see her dressed, it was the moment I had imaged. Nik is very proud of both his daughters Amy and Zoe so I knew there would be tears when he came in. Meanwhile Coombe Lodge was being beautifully decorated by Bramblewood Flowers and Chris nervously awaited his bride. The ceremony was truly beautiful; near the end when the registrar said that Amy was now a wife she just broke down; I know how much she has wanted to be Chris’ wife for so long so I felt for her as she tried to keep the tears back. As they signed the register, I had to let a little cry myself as seeing her so emotional just tipped me over and I just couldn’t help it. Photographing moments like this always effect me but when its someone you have grown up with I just couldn’t hold it in. With Storm Brian still blowing a gale confetti was a blast outside, we then had a few group shots, a visit from Chris’ fire brigade as well as a little walk around the grounds for some couples images. After dinner there was a surprise from the singing waiters for Amy and Chris organised by Amy’s mum Kim; which got everyone up dancing and doing the conga around the venue making sure everyone was in the party mood for the evening entertainment from Fake That and Kieran Clarke Entertainment.

I could go on and on about the day; but this is just the preview! Thanks so much to Amy and Chris for a wonderful day and the bouquet of flowers that arrived yesterday at my door. I wish you all the happiness in the world!

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